Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. 5. Whether the laft words of the Oath do not plainly fignifie, that you your felf are left foie judge of the lawfulnefs and honefly of theCommands, and of all as well as fome of them? confidering that there is no diítinaion either madeor im- plied in the Oath ; that thefe Tait words can fignifie nothing, and are but a non- fenfical Addition, if you fuppofe that you oblige your felf by this Oath blindly to obey any of the Commands of your Su- periour without leavingyour felf fo much as ajudgment ofDifcretion, whether they be lawful or not. Now, ifyou applywhat I havePaid, to the Cafe before us; and be but as willing to put a true interpretation upon the Oath ofCanonical Obedience to the Bifhop, as I believe you would be to put a true interpretation upon fuch an Oath to the Lord-Mayor, I am perfuaded not a word more is neceffary. But I cannot help de- claring, what I conííantly find hitherto to be true, that you are more willing to make Nonfenfe, Abfurdity, and Contradi- Ilion, of anyof thofeDeclarations, or Sen- tences, upon which you found your Obje- tions, than to allow them fuch a Con- firution as will make them appear lets L, rigid 145 .,