Hoadly - BX5136 H6

148 The Keafonablene f r be extended to nothing but Future Com- mands. For, if there words, all lawful ánd bonefl things, refer to . Future Commands only, as you fay they do; then- an Obe- dience promifed in all lawful and honefl things can refer to nothing but Future Commands. If theLimitation extend only to FutureCommands; then the Obedience promifed with this Limitation extends only to Future Commands. If there be any other Obedience (worn in there words, betides a limited one, let it be plainly [hewn. If there be not, let it be acknowledged, that a Limited Obedience, can refer to nothing, but what the Limitation refers to. What might have been expo&ed, if fuch a Limitation had not been added ; when, now it is added in plain words, theObedience promifed with a Limitation, is made to extend to Injunctions to which the Limitation it felf is acknowledged not to extend ? Nay, betides all this, fuppo- fing this Oath to refer to Obedience to the Canons already fettled ; can you poíhbly invent a better Argument to prove that an abfolute Obedience to every oneof them not abrogated is promifed in it, than the tail words will afford us that it is not ? All you can fay is, that f irely whatever the