Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFoI MITY° the Church Reprefentative requires cannot fuppofed unlawful by thofe who ro of s o great a Reverencefor all its dieates asforms do, which is rather banter than argument : but we canproduce the very words of the Oath fuppofing that every one of them may be fcrupled by you unlefs you your felf judge them lawful and honefl : and we are not now enquiring what I, or any o- ther private perfon, think; but what this Oath fuppofes, or implies. Now, if the account of thisOath which I have now laid down, be a true one, as I verily believe it is ; it is plain that all your objeecions drawn from the Canons, let the obedience to them be never fo much antecedently required, are no more objeCtions again[ the taking thisOath than they are again[ taking the Oath ofAlle- giance. And, therefore, I neednot trouble you, or my felf, with any thingparticular in defence of every Canon you obje& a- gain[; tho', I affure you, I could thew that you put mo[ unreafonable interpre- tations upon many of them ; and repre- fent their fenfe very unfairly ; and argue unjuffly again[ them. If I have proved that this Oath cannot refer to any ab- folnte Obedience to them , I have done L3 what