Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Rob. Grovij Refponfio ad Celeufma. Dr. Stillingfleet's Sermonofthe Mifchief of Separation. Dr. Stillingfleet's Vnreafonablenefs of Separation. Dr. Sherlock's Defence of it. Dr. Claget's Anfwer to the Mifchief of Impo fLions. Dr. Falkner's Libertas Ecclefaflica. 1 ColleRior ofCafes, and other Difcour- d 'Vritten to recover Diffenters to the Còmmunion of the Church of England, byfame Divines of the City of London. In Folio. Mr. Bennet's Abridgment of theft Cafes. Difcourfe of Schifm. I need not add any more. Ile that will be at the pains toperafe thefe, will find that the Affertors of the Unreafonablenefs of Seperation have much to fay for their Caufe ; and little rearm to be troublefome to the World, by repeating their arguments as often as fuch as love Contention think fit to renew the Pleas for Separation, that have been f o often urged already, and as often anfwerd. THE