Hoadly - BX5136 H6

THE, Contents of the Whole. PART I. AView of the whole Defrgn Page r, z,, 3. I. A Defence of the Terms of Miniferial Conformity. The firff of the fcrupled Terms of Minifterial Confor- mity propofed, viz. Epifcopal Ordination. p. 4; AConfideration premifed p. 5. lteafons why this may be inffted ón, from p. 6, to p. 18. An ObjeE on taken from the invalidity ofall the Minifira- tions of the Diffenting Minifiers anfwer'd p. 18, 19, 2c. Another from the Succefs of their Minifiry p. 2o, 2 r. The liefult of what hath been Paid p. IT , 22. The Objeflions of theDiffenting Minif}ers againít Epifcopal Ordination,, coneder'd. r. Obj. from the Peace of their Confciences p, 3 ; 2. Obj, from the Credit of Foreign Churches P. 24. 3. Obj. from the Scruples of their People. p. 25, 26, 27. The Summ of the drgument p° i8. a The