Hoadly - BX5136 H6

i6o . The Reafoitablenefc this, and fome other reafons, I fhall beg leave to referve them for another part which I promife [hall wait upon you with all convenient haft. In themean while, permit me to leave this argument with you. The Terms of Minferial Conformity to the Church of England are fuch as may ve- ry lawfully be complied with ; Therefore, fuppofing it neceffary for you to minier in Come Church or other, you ought to conform as Miniers to the Church of England. This confequence you acknowledge, if theformer propofition be. true. And for the truth of that, I can onlyappeal towhat I have faid in the foregoing difcourfe : which I, therefore, intreat you toexamine, not with the rigour of thofe, whofe only butinefs it is to think the woríl'of every thing theyonce difliked; but with fuch a temper of mind as becomes perlons whole duty it is moll willingly to admit of all reafonable Arguments that can be offered in defence of Conformity to the Eftablifed Church. FINIS.