Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFOKMITY. I59 rent thing to our Governours whether we chofe to obey, or to fuffer. It was added for the fake of men who have no confci- ences, not for the fake ofthofe whohave. This is what feemed to me proper and ne- ceffary to be faid on this Occafion. Thus have I finitheci one part of what I undertook ; and have, with the utmoft sincerity, and the greateft regard to truth, confidered thofe Terms ofMinßerial Con- formity which you judge tobe Vnreafona- ble, and endeavoured to return fuch an- fwers to theobjections made in your names againít them, as appeared truly convin- cing and fatisfattory : which was the Firfl thing I propofed. I promifed in the Second place to [hew that the argu- ments produced by Mr. Calamy in defence of your felves are not fufficient to juftify your feparation , even fuppofing thefe Terms of Miniflerial Conformity to be Vn- reafonable , And, Thirdly, To confider what is advanced by Him for the vindi- cation of your people. What I [ball of- fer to you under thefe two Heads will be wholy diftinC from what is faid under the Firfl; and thearguments tobe propof- ed under them, of no relation to the ar- gument founded upon this. So that, for this