Hoadly - BX5136 H6

T H E PREFACE To Mr. Calamy. SIR, Have at length ftnifhed my Re- ply to the Tenth Chapter of your Abridgment of Mr. Baxter's Hi{ory : And now recommend the rhoie to your firious Exanaina. tion. Whatever the r cce1G of it prove, it will be always a verygreat fatisfaffion to my own Mind, that nothing but a fincere love of Truth path induced me to appear in this Controverfy. And, fence I have en, gaged my f l f in this Caul, I efleem it no fmall happïnef, that I have to do with a Perin, whofe CharaHer, and opera Profeons forbidme to ex- pea