Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The PREFACE. pea any thing from Him, but fair, open, and ingenuous dealing ; fuch (vs becomes a Man, and a Chrif'ian. Tou have publicklyprofefed, That you much more defire that Truth fhould be advanced than any Par- ty. Tou have declared, That Tour being engaged in a Separate way fiall not hinder Tou from attending to any thing that can be fairly pro- pofd againfi it : But that you will, after frefh Confideration of this whole Reply, either let the World knowyour Reafons forfwill continu- ing in Non-conformity ; or elfe free- ly yield to the force of our Argu- ments, as becomes an honeft Man. Tlis Ls indeed what becomes an ho- Heft Man ; and all that ought to be expelled from a Reafnable Crea- ture. And it is this f rious and open Promife, that bath raild in me he greateft Hopes, thatl thewe may dif: