Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The PREFACE. di f r after all our Enquiries, yet, no. thing 'hall appear in the Management of' this Caufe , that may poffibly blind Men's Eyes, or hinder them from judging aright in it : Nay, no- thing but what (hall tend to open their Eyes, and help to lead them full farther into the ways of Truth. It is this Profeí on, that bath giv- en me all *trance, That You are not one of thofé who think the pre- tence ofa fettled Judgment ru ci- ent to excufe them from giving ear to any thing that can be offered a- gainft their Prac``tice ; that You are not one ofthoe who thinkTour Pre- deceffours infallible, or uncapable o f being miflead into Error by Preju. dice, or Paon ; thatyou are entire- ly for judging by your own Rea f n, from the merits of the Caufe, and not from any other C'onftderation whatevero And this gives nee the