Hoadly - BX5136 H6

4 The Keafottable your Publick Minifirations. And in Oro der to do this difIinctly and clearly, I íhall, I. Confider the Arguments offered in Vindication of thofe amongfl You, who were in the Miniflry before the 14cí of Uniformity, and have ever liince continued thepublick Exercife of it ; And examine whether they be fufficient todefendyour praäice in lo doing. And, z. I !hall confider how far there Argu- ments can vindicate the prance of thofe amongft You,who haveOrdained others, and of thofe who have been Ordained to the Minifiry, fince that Ac!. Under theformer of there, that I may the more effetually compafs the end I propofe, I judge it to be the properef method,firfl, to draw up theArguments I meet with fairly and honeffly, in fuck a form that every body may prefently fee their utmoi} force;and then to return what appears to me to be a fuffirient anfwer to them. ButI !hall pals by whatever is not Arrinent ; all fuch Aggravationsas there, That theChurch-doors were Phut againfl the Ejected Minifiers, with contempt; and that they were left tofpend their time inSo- litude and retirement)preparing themfelves for