Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFOR1tIT'Y for another world, as of no beof r f°efe this : (as ifa Good Man could the World, unlefs He were the eache .) Thefe Obíervations , and like, Perfonwho made them, will hbecaufe Hé excufe me , if I neg , knows, I dare fay, that they are nothing to that purpofe ; that they are rather Prejudices to fupport a Party, thanArgu- ments to maintain a Caufe, whichought to be founded on ReafoN, and nd onee or The Arguments which thefe of You who continued the Publick exercife of Your M thy'the though of could not comply abli e 1VIZNZflerial Conformityti f the Ewhich I Church, are thefe that here fet down all together, that the whole force of this part of the Cauje, may be feen at one view, The Firfl is taken fromYour Ordina- tion Vow, by which Thu obliged Tourfelvea to the diligent Performance of Tour Mini- firy, and maybe thus reprefented inYour names, We cannot lay afide the Publick Ex- ercife of our Minifiry without perfidious ,breaking our Ordination -vow; Therefore, We dare not do it.. A3