Hoadly - BX5136 H6

ú The Reafonablenef The Second Argument is built upon the fame foundation, viz. Your Ordi- nation vow, by which Youwere Confecra- ted to God; and 'lands thus, We cannot lay afide the PuUick Exer- cife ofour Minflry without the Sin of Sa- crilege, in alienating Perfns who have been . confecrated to God Therefore, we dare not do it. The Third is taken from the \delires and entreaties, or rather the Threatnings of foine of Your People, who keel' Tou would not defert them; who profef'd they » could not trufl their fouls to the care of a great many of thefe who were placed in the Churches in Tour'lead ; nay, whodeclared, that ifTou fhouldforfake them, they would charge Tou with the neglect of their fouls. And the Argument drawn from hence flands thus, We cannot lay afide the Publick Exer- cife of our Miniflry, without the Sin of Tnfaithfulnef, Cruelty, andUnmmercÿfulnefs, and without incurring the Guilt of ruining Souls by flopping our own Mouths; Therefore, we dare not do it. A Fourth Argument is taken from the doom of the Unprofitable Servant that hid his Talent, Matth. 2.5. and is this, We