Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Contents. themaking them Terms of Communion. t. That the Bi!hops have as much Authority to prefcribe thefe, as other Things which are notfcrupled, from p. 67, to p. 76. That thefe are no more New Terms of Communion than thofeothers with which They would comply. p. 76, 77. A farther Defence of the Governours of the Church, upon their own Principles p. 77, 78. AnQbj. from the difproportionable Penalty annexed, con- fidered p. 79, 80. Another Argument upon their own Principles p. 8r An Obi. taken from the Number of Ceremonies that may be brought in by this means. p. 82, 83. Of the Retaining thefe Impeftions P. 84, 85- The Cafe argued in the name of the Retainers upon their own Principles p. 86, 87. a. That St. Paul faith nothing againft fuch Ifnpofitions ins the i4th Chap. to the Romans. p. 88, to 96. 3. That Mr. Baxter's Prac`,tice, and the Practice of the Independents, is for, and not again/i fuch Impofitions, p. 96, to 103. VI. Obj. Becaufe this Declaration and Subfcription, would be an Approbation of that A/Jertion, that Bithops, Priejis, and Deacons, are three difünEEt Orders in the Church, by Divine ?ointment, anfroered. p. 104, to 112. Their Objefüons of !offer Confideration, againft this Decla- ration, and Subfription. i. Obj. taken from the Burial Office. p. i 12, to 122 2. Obj. taken from the`Rule to find Ea/ier-day. p. 122.. 3. Obj. taken from the Apocryphal Leffons. p. 123, to 129. 4. Obj. taken from the M;firanflation of the Pfalter. p. 129, to 132. g. Obj. taken from the Athanafran Creed. p. 132. 6. Obj. taken from the Rubric in the Confrmaticn Office. p. 134e a 2, The