Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Contents. Mi nifiry, drawn up together, fo that they may befeenat one View. p- 5, 6, 7, 8. r. and 2. Arg. taken from their Ordination -Vom, and the guilt of Sacrilege, confidered, p. 10, to i 5. 3. Arg. taken from the guilt of Cruelty, and ruining of Souls, by their Silence, and from the Entreaties of their People, confidered p. 15. to 24. 4. Arg. taken from the Doom of the unprofitable Servant, confidered. p. 24, to 27. 5. Arg. taken from the Neceffities of the People, and the .I,VantofProvifion in theEflablifleed Church. p. 27, to 33. 6. Arg. taken from the Infufficiency offundry of the Eflab. li/hedMiniflers, confidered, p. 34, to 47. 7. Arg. taken from fome PaffagesofScripture that intimate the Durationofthe Minifierial Office. p. 47, to 60. 8. Arg. taken from fome Paffages of Scripture that plead for the Necefty of Preaching when the Magi/?rate fo '¡ds. confidered, p. 6o, to64. 9. Arg. taken from the Duty of Praying that God would fend Faithful Labourers into his Vineyard. p. 64. to67. Some farther Obfervations at the Conclufion of this Head. p. 67. 68. An Enquiry how far thefe Arguments can vindicate their Ordinations, fince the AR of Uniformity. p. 69, to 72. All the Arguments propofed in Vindication of the Diffent- ing Laity, drawn up together. p. 74, to 77. Some ferious Refexions upon the Manner of Writing in this Controver/y, p. 77, to 81. t. Arg. in Defence of the Dijfenting Laity, taken from the Benefit they had found by the Labours of the Diff'enting Minifers, confidered, p. 8r, to 85. 2. Arg. taken from the Injury done to the Ejected Minifiers, and the Inhumanityof forfaking them. p. 85, to 92. 3. Arg. taken from the Caufe in which the Diffenting Mi. nifieri