Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Contents. l inqualifed Mini ler are not in a defperate Condi- tion. pi 159- A Recapitulation. p. r 6r, 162. An Anfwer to the Queflions propofed in the Tenth Chap- ter of the Abridgment, upon this.Head. p. 163, 164. Some material Queflions propofed, upon this Head. p. 165. 6. Arg. taken from the Want of Difcipline in the Church. p. 167, to 172. 7. Arg. taken from the Scruples of many of the People. p. 173, to 179. The r(eafons of the Diffenters, to prove the Vnlawfulnefs of Confiant Communion, from the Circumflances attend- ing it; notwithifanding the Materiai-Lawfulnefs of it conhdered, and anfwered under thefe two Heads. t.' That the Circumfiances they have fixed upon Confiant Communion, either do not attend upon it ; or, ifthey do, that they do not make it unlawful ; and than he like Circumflances attend upon their Occafional Con- munion, and their Separation. p. t 83, to Zt 1e 2. Suppofing forme inconvenient Circumflances do attend upon Confiant Communion, that, befidesfuch Circum- fiances, much worfe do unavoidably attend upon Sepa ration, and make it much moreunlawful. p. 21 1, to 213, An Argument for the lawfu/nefS of Con(lant Conformity, notwithifanding theCircum/lances that attend it, drawn from the like Circumfiances which attend filch a Compli- ance with the Diffenters, as they infih: upon ; which yet, do not make it, in their opinions, unlawful. And a Pa- rallel run between the Denial of Communion, on One fide, and the Denial of Abatements , on the other. p. 214, to 224. An Argument drawn from the Experience they have had in 40 years Separation, how unlikely a method this is of accomplifhing their End : And another, taken from the Glory of a Compliance, for the falce of Peace, with thofé who refute to comply with them, P. 224, 225, Of