Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Realnablene f Bifhops, Priefts, and Deacons. They muff likewife make an equivalent Subfcriptian., M. They muff take the Oath of Ca- nonical Obedience, and Swear SubjeEion to their Ordinary according to the Canons of the Church. L. They that will Minifter in this Church muff be ordain'd by Bifbops. The Church of England is indeed an Epifcopal .Church. We think we can demonftrate that in the Primitive times the admini ftratio:i ofEcclefiaflical Affairswas in the Hands of Bifhops, who had Presbyters fubjea to them ; that as the Apoftles main- tain'd a fuperiority over the Presbyters of the Churches they conflituted, fo upon occafion of their abfence, they fettled o- thers in this Supeiority ; that as thefe thus fucceeding theApoftles had the pow- er of Ordination committed to them, fo their Succeffours in the following Ages claim'd this Power as their Right, and look'd upon Ordinatin to be their in the regular Courfe of Things. No wonder then that we require all that come into the Miniflry, to come in at this Door, which we think open'd for that purpofe by the Apoftles. Nor do I find that any of the Objetions You here urge