Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. urge againft this do fignify, that Ordi- nation in the regular courfe of Things, ought to be adminiftred without Bifhops. But all that is objeaed is a difficulty a- riling from your having been before or- dain'd without Bi'hops, which Ordination you cannot renounce, as you muff do, in effeE, ifyou fubmit to Epifcopal Ordinati- on. Taking it, therefore, for granted becaufe I find nothing alleg'd againft it, that regularly Ordination is not to be ad- miniffred without the Bifhop, I fluall i. Give an account why this is infi- feed on. 2. Anfwer your Icruples againft com- plyingwith it, as I find them exprefs'd by Mr. Calamy. Premifing only this, that liince moll of You came into the Mini.. ftry face the reftauration of Epifcopacy, and therefore have brought this difficul- ty voluntarily upon your felves, refuting wittingly and confideratelyeither to con- form as Lay-men, or to be ordain'd by Bi- fhops, it feems a wonder to us that you Ihould not be more willing to .fubmit in this Point, and to makeforce recompence for this notorious neglea put upon the Epifcopal Office, than to fearch out Ob- jefLions againft it. Much more do we B3 find