Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Q The Reafnablenefs to the overthrow of all Order : nor can we fuppofe that Almighty God fupplies the want of it, when no neceffity can be pleaded, becaufe He is the God ofOrder, andnot ofConfufion. We judge with Mr. Baxter, that Perfons (let them be never fo well qualified) are to feek an orderly admif- fon, andmake others the yudgesof their qua- lifications : And imagining our method to be the orderly and felled method from the Primitive Ages, where we fee it ne- gleEed, when there is no neceffity, we think in Juffice, we cannot acknowledge thofe who depart from it approved of God in fetting apart themfelves for the Miniftry: We dare not think that He allows fo great a neglea caft upon the Order felled in his Church ;- and we dare not in our Cìonfciences give any encou- ragement to a method which has difu- nited a whole Nation from their Bifhops and fuck an encouragement as would be in effea, an acknowledgment that God approves ofIrregular Ordinations upon no neceffity, and would tend to introduce Will more and more Irregular Ordinations, when ever any neceffity ihould be pre-7 tended. This we dare not do, and tak- ng this to be your Cafe, that you háve iegle tec