Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The l ea fnablenef only that God can be laid plainly to re- quire Men to go out of the Common way, or to approve their Irregular Pro- ceedings. And if you can prove that a= ny fuch Neceflity was laid upon You to have recourfe to irregular ways,I promife, for my part, tobelieve that God approv'd your ordination, and does approve it as long as that neceflïty lifts. If You can- not, We cannot believe it, and are in confcience bound not to prevaricate, and caft the greateft refexion imaginable up- on regular Ordination. Let us now,therefore,confider whether there befuck an undeniable neceffity for your help; whether thefafety of the Church be at Stake, and the Salvation of Men's Souls ; or whether there beany other reafon fuf- ficient to'juftify your irregular Proceed- ing. And give me leave upon this to ask You thefe following Queftions. Are the Terms of Miniflerial Conformi- y fo unreafonable in the Church ofEng- land, that very many Confcientious, Ufe- ful, judicious, Pious, Excellent, Labori- ous Men have not conform'd, and donot daily conform as Minifters ? Mr. Baxter acknowledg'd, and all muff acknowledge, there are, and have been many fuch Men. Are