Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. Are there any means neceffary to the Peoples Salvation wanting in the Church of England? Is there not a pious and ufe- ful Liturgy to aflìít their publicly Devo- tions ? Are there not Chapters out of God's Word ev'ry day read to them ? Is not the whole Will ofGod declared to them ? Is there any thing in the admini- ffration of the Sacraments, contrary to the main defign of the Gofpel, or dellru- aiveofSalvation ? Is there any one thing,plainly declared to be the duty of a Minifter in the Gof- pel, and fuch a Duty as is neceffary either to the prefervation of the Church, or the Salvation of Mankind, that a Minif er in the Church of England cannot legally do ? Cannot He exhort, reprove, be inftant, inflru&, admonifh in private and in pub lick, and refufe the Holy Communion to any fcandalous Chrifiians ? Ifthere be any thing elfe You imagine convenient, which Hecannot do, Is it fc neceffary, that the State of Chriftianity, and the Salvation of the People depend upon it fo neceffary, that you are oblig- ed to be ordain'd after an irregular man- ner to make your felves capable of per- forming it ? pr, I