Hoadly - BX5136 H6

....4 .. ag The Reafnablenef Scruples ofthePeopleought not to hinder you from flowing your Charity,in away which raifes fcruples in them ; The Ecru- pies of the People ought not likewife to hinder you from (bowing your regard to Regularity and Order , in a way which raifes fcruples in them ; and ought not, therefore, to makeup one of your Rea- fons againfr Conformity in this point. Thus muchmay fuffice forthe firftHead. And in all that I have faid upon it, I only take this for granted, that Epifcopal Ordi- nation is the regular Ordination , which your reafonings under this Head give me leave to fuppofe. From whence it fol- lows, that your Ordination is irregular. From henceI argue,that,as ion as we are an Epifcopal Church,and as ong as we ima- gin your Separation,and your irregular Or- dination unneceíl'ary, we cannot (accord- ing to Mr. Baxter's reafoning) acknow- ledg your Ordination fuch asGodapproves óf; we m'.& not, in confcience, give any encouragement to ZJnneceffary irregula- rities ; and, therefore, hope we are not to blame in infilling upon Epifcopal Ordi- nation. To conclude this head, As you, if-youwere perfuaded that your Ordina- 'ion in an irregular way was unneceffary, could ION