Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. 27 ly capable judges of: andyet the demon- flration of your Love and Charity to thole Abridg,. You havefeparatedfrom, is profefs'd to be, entp in your opinion, of more account than the fcruples of your People. Nay, by this con, dua you do the very thing, which you are afraid of doing, if you t`hould fubmit to Epifcopal Ordination. For by this you lead the poor people to think that this fe- paration is not neceffary; (as you acknow- ledge your felves) and, therefore, that there was no neceffity for you to feek Ordination in an irregular way ; and, therefore, that your Ordination is not ap- prov'd ofGod, but is null ; and, therefore, that your minifirations are invalid. When you can reconcile this Occafional Commu- nion with the neceflity of a Separation, in their opinions ; and remove their feruples on this account, by plainly convincing them, that confiant Communionmay bea fin, where occafional Communion is fo far from being afin, that it is a duty then I will un- dertake to remove their feruples on the other account ; and make it as plain as the light to them, Thatyour minifirationi may be valid as to them, and yet your Or dinations null. In the mean while, we think it a reafonable argument , If the Scruc;