Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Rea.fonablenef fincerely, and heartily, íhould heefreem'd a Grievance, is, I confefs, a firange Thing. But theChurch Ifee,isfure tobe found fault withboth ways. If this Subfcription had been requir'd without this; then the An- fwer would have been, we darenot fub- fcribe this, becaufe we cannot do it ex ani- mo,and are afraid ofStretching ourConfcien- ces,and playing with Subfcriptions and Oaths. And yet now the Subfcription is required to be ex animo ; this very thing is reck- on'd amongff theCircu,mfiances that add to the unreafonablenefs of it. The firft thing I find objeaed that con- cerns my prefent defign, is the Compre- henfivenefs ofthis requir'd Declaration, ag- gravated with fuch Hardfhips, thát I will be bold to fay, If we ufe all other publick Declarations after the fame manner, it is impoflible to comply with any, one ; and yet (in my opiniorOaggravated fo unhap- pily, as to expofe and betray even your own defign in aggravating it. For your Comment upon the form of this declaration is this, Words could fcarce be devis'd by the wit of man more full ; and more fignificant whereby the Mini,tiers might to/tify their highefljuftifecátion, and commendation, of every point andfyllablei every