Hoadly - BX5136 H6

ofCONFORMITY. every Rite and Ceremony, every matter and thing contain'din thewhole Book, and in every page and line of it. In which words I verily think you effeaually confute the thing whichyou would eflabliílh: and to thefe words I appeal, and toevery unpre- judic'd perfon who can read them, if the wit ofman couldnot havedevis'd words more full andfignificant ofthis approbation you mean, than the words in which our Affent and Confent is to be declared. For I think you your felves have. And let any one but compare thefe two fentences together, one ofwhich contains what the Aft re- quires ; and the other what you fay it requires; and then let him judge whether they be the fame. The words of the Ad are thefe, Tou ¡hall declareyour un- feigned .Affent andConfent to the 7)fe of all things in the Paid Book contain'd, and pre- fcrib'd in thefe words, I do here declare my unfeignedAffent and Confent to all and every th ing contain'dandprefcrib'din and by the Book intituled &c. Your way of expreffing'it is this, Tau¡ball declare, not only your content to the ufe of this Book, but your afient to the truth of every propofition contain'd in the Prefaces, Rules, Rubrics and Prayers in this Book, in theft words, I do