Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Preface. what appears veryfatisfactory to our (elves, may pofbly bring fatisfaction to the minds ofothers ; fo I was wil- ling to hope (but not upon in own judgment only) that a fair repre- f Ztation o f thole e arguments, which iemed fo convincing to my fel f in this caul, might prove offul to f me others ; and help to remove their pre- judices, and recommend Conformity to them. With this view Ifrrf drew up thefe papers in this form ; and now pubi1fh partofthem to the VVorld for thefe two ends. Firíl, To vindicate the Conform- ingClergy,by vindicating the Terms o f their Conformity to theChurchof Englandfrom allfall reprefentations,, and objeaions that have no juffound- ation. Vile who f rioufly conform as Miniflers to this Church cannot be willing to be accounted what no Chriflian ought to be ; and cannot be