Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Preface. be content tofit down, andfufr our praelice to be reprefnted as a com- plication of the blackefl and moil un- pardonable crimes. We owe f me- thing to our own reputation as we are Men ; and more as we are Mini- fters : as the fuccef of that great charge We have undertaken depends verymuch upon it; and as the blemi- fhes that are call upon it, reflea a dill honour upon Religion it fill: Ifthof accufations which Mr. Calamyhath brought againf Minifterial Con- formity be receivedas built upongood rea f ns, the con f quence will he, that We mull be accounted guilty ofas many and great crimes as it is well poffible for any men to be guilty of: I do notfair that it was this Author's defign in reviving theft heads ofNon- conformity, to lefty the reputation, or blac!en the charatler of any ofhis Neighbours : for I have too good an A 3 op