Hoadly - BX5136 H6

ofCONFORMITY. theauthorityofthat Act it fell which re- quires this declaration, to apply both A` fent, and Confent, only to the ure ofthis Book. In the one cafe you have only the opinion ofone learned Lawyer that it was meant fo ; In the other you are left at no liberty, but are abfolutelydetermin- ed by the very Parliament that made theArt, that it was meant fo. But I ar- gue further, fuppofing the AZt it fell did not determine both Affent and Confent to the ufeof the Book, yet 3. The nature, manner, and form of all Laav-deeds, and publick declarations, require this way of Intrepretation, and condemn the other. This is drawnup ac- cording to the manner of our Law, in which nothing fo common as togather to gether words ofvery little or no difference in their fignification, and to apply them all to one thing.Thus,togive and togrant, tho' there be force fmall difference in their fignification, to renounce and abjure, and there very words Affent and Gonfent, with a hundred other different Terms,are found to be applied to one and the fame thing. And, therefore, ifthe Aft had one ly faid, you ¡hall declare that you agree ro the ufe of all things in this Book, in D 4 theft 39