Hoadly - BX5136 H6

14bridgrt. P 585 ¡IOW ,iH . The .Reafonableners it requires you not to do it, but to give both Aßent and Confent to one thing, e- ven the ufe of this Book. Now We en- treat you not to perfli} in creating more difficulties than there really are. And that what I have faid upon this head may have the more efl'eE, I (hall propofe to you, 2-. TheExample of Dr. Bates, andfun- dry other. Noncon,formifls, to the number of Twenty ; who took anOath that they would not at any time endeavour any alteration in the Government either in Church or State, as loon as ever the Lord .Keeper had de- clared openly , that by Endeavour was meant Vnlariful Endeavour. The Lord Keeper then did in efeet fay thus to them, Youfball Swear thatyou will not unlawfully en- deavour an alteration in Church or State, in thefe words,I will not at any time endeavour any alteration of the Government either in Church or State. And the Aft of Uni- formity fays, You(hall declareyour Afent and Confent to the ufe ofall things in this Book, in thefe words, ú c. IF, therefore,upon the authority of one fogle perfon, they _thought it reafonable to confine the word endeavour, to Vnlanful endeavour ; much more mutt they think it reafonable, upon th0