Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONF ORM niceofforce eminent men amongft your felves, that if one fing'e perfon of au- thority in the State, determine anyword in an Oath toone certain fignificarion,which isnot foplainly deternnin'd to it in tlheOath it felf,theOath may be lawfully taken ; Ha- ving plainly demonftrated, that this Ac? it felf (the greateft authority we could have) has determin'd expreíly both 4f fent and Content to the Vie of this Book ; and is fo far from making this declaration refpea the truth ofevery propolition in it, that it never mentions the thing, but fays, in effeE, what utterly excludes this fenfe of the words ; we humbly hope, that we (hall not any more hear offlretchini cur Confluences in this point ; and that Toys will not continue to maintain prejudices againft this Act, which it gives you not the leaft occaíïon to take up. As for the Subfeription required, T ne, ver heard that it was efleem'd any con- fiderable difficulty ; nor do I fee how it can be, if it be explain'd according to its original defign ; which appears plainly to be none but this, that all who Yninifler. in this Church should be under an obli- gation to ufe. this Book. Accordingly hree things they arerequired to fubfcribe. A. That