Hoadly - BX5136 H6

42 The Reafnablenef 3. That the Book of Common-Prayer, and of ordering Bifhops, Priefis, and Deacons contained; in it nothing contrary to the word ofGod. 2.' 7 hat it may lawfully fo be tiled. 3. That they themfelves will ufe the Form in thefaidBookprefcribed, in publick Pray- er, and admini f ration of the Sacraments ; and none other. Where it is plain, that this Book is conlder'd only as a Book fram'd to direE the Behaviour of thofe who officiate in publick ; what Prayers and what Ceremonies they are to ufe ; without havingany regard to every parti- cular fentence inferted in the Prefaces, or Rubrics, which do not refpea, or direEì the Behaviour of the Minifer. I fay not this, becaufe I think there are any fuch fentences in the Prefaces or Rubrics , which are contrary to God's word; for I know of no fuch : but only becaufe I am perfuaded this was the original de- lignof the Subfcription. Nay, thofe few fentences, not relating to the ufe of the M nifier, which you except againfr, can- not be thought contrary to God's word even by you who think them not true ; for granting them falfe, I do not fee how they contradia any thing in .the whole Bible.