Hoadly - BX5136 H6

44 The Reafnablenef declaration and fubfeription, without put- ting a ifretch either upon the words, or upon his own confcience. And I think it cannot be thought unreafonable, that all who miniífer in this Church be obli- ged to ufe this Liturgy, and publickly to declare they will ufe it. I proceednow toexamine the Reafons, given in your names, why you think this Subfcriptionand Declarationunlawful, and nor to be complied with. . This Subfcription, and Declaration, would be an approbation of the Doctrine of Real Baptifmal Regeneration, and certain Salvation confequent thereupon. For, it would be an approbation of that Rubric, that it is certain by God's word, that . Baptiz'dChildren dying before aaual fin, are fav'd; and it mould be an agreement to ufe conflantlyafter Baptifm a Thankfgiving to God, for that it hash pleas'd him to re- generate the Infant with his holy Spirit. This is your firft Reafon. The former part ofthis relating to the Rubric, I deny ; having, as I think, (hewn before, that both the Declaration, and Sub- fcription, concern only your ufe of the Book ; not your highefi juf ifrcation, and commendation, of every point and Syllable, ever)