Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFOR.MTTt every matter and thing, contain'd in the whole Book, and in every page and line of it. But I need not infifi upon this. For all the difficulty here is that of a real Baptifmal Regeneration ; and not of Sal- vation confequent thereupon. Suppofing this, it is true ; and, you fay, the Office does fuppofe it. But, in myopinion, this is undoubtedly true, as it was defign'd a part by it felf for a general propoftion : nor fhould I ever have call'd it inQue- Mon. For is it not true, and what eve- ry Body doubts not to fay, that Baptifm admits perfons into a State offavour with God? and would any one fcruple to fub- cribe this truth, becaufe there may be a perfon dipt in Water, whom God does not accept to Baptifm? I believe not, be- caufe the propofition fpeaks only of per- fons duly Baptied. And, does it not fol- low from hence, that if they die with- out having done any thing to put 'em out of this State, they shall be faxed ? You muff be fènfble that there is nowant of texts to prove the former ; and that the latter is as plain a confequence from it as one would wifi. Pray confider if it be not very hard to deal as you do with this general Sentence. Confider that there