Hoadly - BX5136 H6

6o The Reafnablenefs tution. For all this looks as ifBaptifm, da Chrif had appointed it, were efteem'd not fufficient to entitle the Infant to the fa- vour of God , or to the purpofes for which it was inflituted. You know it Is fufficient without one Prayer ; and yet this is no objeEtion to you againif the ufeof Prayers at fuch a Solemnity. Another objeEtion againfl it is, that it feemeth a new Sacrament added to Chrift's. But, if it only feem fo ; and if the words mutt be mifunderflood before it feem fo (as you here grant) then we account it very unjuft for you, to affiít in perplex- ing this caufe ; and to advance arguments to prove what you think, your felves, they do not prove. Now, what is a Sa- crament? You fay, It is an outward and vifble fgn of an inward acrd fpiritual grace &c. Let it be fo, and by this let any one judge between us. The words in the Common- Prayer Book I interpret thus, We receive this Child into the Congregation of Chrifrs Flock, as one who is now a Bap- tiz'dChritlian ; and, as fuch, dofagn him with thefign of the Groff, to fignify that, as he is aChriflian, and, confequently, a Ser- vant of Him who died upon the Crofs, He is obligednever tobe afhamed of the Faith