Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. here, as if You dar'd not concur in this for that one Reafon ? which we cannot be- lieve, till we fee you omit all other things which you your felves think fit or proper, for the fame reafon. But while you ufe our fervice thus, we imagine you have done it fomecredit, by granting as you here do, That they are injudicious per- fons who can underhand by the words here us'd, that any grace is fuppofed by the Church to be wrought by this fign, or the ufe of it ; that the words mull be mif-underftood before any fuch thing can be madeout of them ; and, confequently; that they muh be injudicious perfons that can think this a new Sacrament. Another argument againft the ufe of this Sign is, that it looks as if Baptifm, tis Chrifl had appointed it, were not efleem'da Bond fuficientlyfirm and strong. Not by us, who have declared in exprefs and plainwords, that Baptifm is cornpleat with- out it, and the Infant a Chriflian as much before as after it. Befides, We imagine that fuch an objeaion as this ; as flrong, and as concluding, may be made againft you,or anywho ufe any Prayers atBaptifin; or adminiher it with the addition of the least circumí'tance to the primitive inhi- tutiorn 59