Hoadly - BX5136 H6

ofCONFORMITY. Churchof England? Had they only feem'd new Sacraments ; Had the injudicious on- ly mif-underftood their words, and built their reafonings upon fuchmif-underftand- ings;Had the Romaniíls, by publickA.Is, and by all the writers that handled this fubjea, declared that, tho' they ufed an externalfignifacant ceremony, yet, they at- tributed no grace to it ; nothing which ei- ther they, or their adverfaries attributed to a Sacrament ; which ofour Reformers would have continued to have tax'd them with this ? whichofthemwouldhave fo- licitoutly drawn up force obfcure and al- moft unintelligibleargumentsagaint1 fuch proofon thecontrary fide ? whichofthem would not have been glad to have drop't fuch a charge upon fuch plain proof ? which ofthem would have argued againif the ufe of one little part of their publick ferviee which only concerns the Mini- fler, becaufe the injudicious will interpret a word in a fenfe of which judicious men fay it is uncapable ? Not one, I verily 'believe. And as we cannot agree with you in thefe Reafons againíf the rife ofthisfign, as it is appointed in our Church ; fo neither do we think it a fufficient one for the to- tal