Hoadly - BX5136 H6

6. The Reafnablenef tal neglea of it, that we may witnefs our difiike and detPftation of the vanity of the Papifts herein. We imagine that we wit- Pefs our diflike and deteftation of the Super- ftition of the Papifts by negleEing that tafe of it they plead for ; by reducing it toa fober and Lingle as by guarding it from all poffibility of Idolatry and Super. Jlition; by making it wholly different fromwhat it is amongft them. And we are unwilling to give them fo great an advantage against us, as we verily think it would be, if we fhould, in reforming from them, not only reject and condemn the abufe of a thing, but the thing it fell merely becaufe they ufe it after a fu- perftitious manner. We are of opinion, that this principle hath been the canfe of great deformities, and irregularities in the Church ; and when it is obferv'd, that we run from aCuftom, or a pofture, or a ceremony, not becaufe it is likely now to be abufed, but becaufe the Papifts have ufed it in a fuperftìtious manner not only the Papifts, but others are apt to think, That it is humour, and not Reafon that direEts us. Nay, weefteem it more reafonable t® infift upon an inne. tent ufe of fomething they have abufed, left