Hoadly - BX5136 H6

89 The Rearnablenef may be fram'd againll prefcribing thofe things which you could have complied with, that are brought in your names a- gainf' thofeother things whichgive you fo much offence ; this I [hall account a good argument to you, that the Bifhops have authority to prefcribe in the one cafe, as well as the other. I inflance in their prefcriptions about Time, Place, and Li. turgy. For this particular time, andplace, in exclufon to all others, are not abfo- lutely neceffary ; and fotne honeft men will pretend they are [hut out from Corn . naunion by irnpofng them. And, as for a publick Liturgy , That you your felves think it unnecefary, is plain from your rot ofng one in the Publick Worship of God; that you think it lawful to joyn with thole Governours who impofe one, is :' plain from your declaring your readinefs tocomply withour Common-Prayer, were it alter'd as you would have it. And now let us confider, if this be not exaEl- ly parallel to the cafe before us. Who- ever will not have hisChild baptiz'd with finch Prayers at the time of Baptifm, is as much excluded as he that fcruples to have it baptiz'd becaufe thefgn oftheCrofs is uf- ed after Baptif: He that refufes to com- municate