Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY, municatewith us,becaufe the Minifler ufes this Form ofPrayer at the Communion, is as much excluded' as He that refufes to communicate with us, becaufe He muff kneel. As many an honer manmay fcru- pie the one ; fo many an honeíc man may fcruple the other. Ifan hon.efl man may be excluded for fcrupling the one ; why not for fcrupling the other ? IfRegularity and Decency may in this cafe be prefer'd before the fatisfaaion of the fcruples of ignorant,and injudicious,tho' boneff nier; then, why is it urged asan infallible truth, that excluding a man fuppofed to be an ho- neff man for hisfcruples is a moff unpar- donable,and intolerable crime in a Church? But, to be more particular, fuppofing the Liturgy were made according to your minds, and you fhould comply with this impofition, which you were ready to-do ; We defire you to confider, if they who fill thought fit to remain Nonconformifts, might not read this fame fevere Lecture againff you ; and give in tliefe fame rea- fons for their Nonconformity. We dare not caufele(ly deprive Souls of vifible Chri- fianity for want ofan humane, unnece f fart', ifnot corrupt invention. We dare not make a Covenant to rob Cbrift and the Church of F 3 vifibie 69