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I s8 An Expo(ition upon the fworn Servant to the mortalleft Enemy thou haft in t he \Vorld, whic. h)s jufl::ly re~ proachablc both with Folly and Impiety. ' Yet how little is this ufuaHy .•.regardd.! I know it is t he Cuftom .of too many, that if they can light on thofc whom they think proper for their Atfdi.rs~ never in· q_uire what their Principles or what their PraCtices be as to Religion, whether Popi!h, or FaCtious; whether for the Mafs, or the Meeting; but chnfe them as they would do Beafts of Burthen, the moft ftrongand able; and account it d i>Conly Property.of good Servants to be able to perform their Office, and willing td drudge as. much as they would have them. But let them know that they make a very nowife and a very finful Choice. ' For fuch Servants will affuredly make much more Work than they difpatch, and leave more Filth in the Houfe than they clea.nfc out.. Though they be never fa able and fit for their Imployments, yet think not fuch an: one fit for thee, who refufeth to ferve that God whom thou thy felf art bound to· . ferve; and believe it to be a Defig:n of the Devil to help thee to one who flull d(). thy Work, but undo thy Famil}'. One vile and wicked Servant is enough to corrupt a whole Houlhold; for affure your fe)ves they come there to do the Devil ' more Service than you, and their lewd Examples and Prefumptions will feduce; and draw others into the fame Excefs with themfelves. For to this I impute the: Rife and Growth of that general Prophanenefs that is too reigning in malt Fami·· lies, efpecially ia thofe whofe Quality or Eftates require a numerous Attendance ·; they are common I y too carelefs what Ruffian and debauch'dServants they entertain; and their Children (which elfe might be the Ornament and Glory of the Nar~\on) converfing with thcfe, learn from them thofe firft Rudiments of Vice, which afterward their Condition and Wealth enables them to perfeCt into confummate Villany and Devilifm. Here they learnt the firfr Tafteof Excefs and Intemperance; here they were taught the firft Syllables of Oaths) and inftrutted how to lifp out Cur fes and Obfcenity, and according to their Proficiency, applauded by thefe impipus Wretches for their gentile Docility and Aptnefs. Such Servants as thefe fhould be rooted out, not only as the Pefts of particular Families, but their Influence reaches farther, (;V en to corrupt tho[e who may hereafter have an Influence on the State and Common-wealth ; for they ferve only to give Youth the firft Relifhes of Sloth, and Pleafure,and Vice, which by wofullmprovemenrs grow at laft to be inveterate Habits, and make them only a Shame to their Families, and a Curfc to the Kingdom. So it is proportionable in all meaner Families; where the Servants be wkkcd,' the Children ordinarily will be more ruled by their Examples and Flatreries, thart by their Parents Authority and Commands. And therefore it highly concerns you to make a prudent Choice at firft; or if 1herein you have been mift.1ken, as foon as you can to rid your Houfes of thofe Vermin and Caterpillars, which elfe will deftroy the verdant and budding Hopes of yourChildten; and to bring in thofe who are fober, !bid, and r,odly, who will make it their great Care, firft, to ferve God1 and then you. Take the Refolution of the Royal Pfalmift for your Pattern and Dire8ion, Pfal. 101. 6, 7• Mine Eyes ]hall be upon the Faitf{ul of the Land, thatthey may dwell with me~· He that walketh in a perfell way, he fl~alJ flrve me: He that worlceth Deceit, /hall not dwell within my Houfe j he that telJeth Lyes, ]hall not tarry in my fight. Certainly, thofe will be the beft Servants to us, who are faithful Servants to God; or, if they fhould be lefs fit for thy occafions, yet they will fufl'iciently earn their Wages, though they only pray for thee. It is faid of 'Jo(eph, Gm. 39· ;. when he was brought into Potiph.1r's Houfe to be his Servant, rhar the Lord Bltjfed theEgyptian's Houfe for 'Jofeph's fake: And the Blrjfing ~~the Lord was upon all that he had in the Houfl, and in the FieJd. Godly Serv~nts bnng a Blefiing along with ·them to the Families where they rcfide; and havwg fuch a Servant) thou haft a Friend iu Court, one that can do thee kind Offices in Heaven throue,h his lntereft at the \ Throne of Grace. And therefore as it is thy Duty, fa it is thy Wifdom and thy Concern to make choice of fuch; thefe beft know their Duty; thefe will make 111oft Confcience of performing it; in their Integrity and Faichfulncfs thy Hear& n tay repofe, and they will intitle thee and thy Family to thofe Blcfiings which atte.nd them. That's the firlt Duty, refpeaing the Choice of Servants. 2 • ~ ~econdly, Ancther General Duty of Mafier's is, rightly to ufe them when they are, ~hofen : And that confifrs likewife in two things, Government, and Provifion. Firft,