Hopkins - HP BR75 .H65 1710

Title Page: The works of the Right Reverend and Learned Ezekiel Hopkin 7
Engraving of Ezekiel Hopkins 6
The Preface 9
The Several Subjects contained in this Volume 13
The Vanity of the World 15
A Funeral Sermon 37
A Sermon Preached At Christ-Church in Dublin, Jan 31, 1669 51
An Exposition upon the Commandments 65
A Sermon on John VII 239
A Sermon on Galatians 249
Exposition of the Lord's Prayer 339
Discourses or Sermons on Serveral Scriptures 359
The Resurrection of Christ 373
Of the Pardon and Forgiveness of Sins 475
The All-Sufficiency of Christ to save sinners with the Prevalency of His Intercession 538
An Alphabetical Table of the Contents 819