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To the RIGHT HONOURABLE The LADY I \..:\' Katharine, Brook. \• MADAM, ./ 10' \ 'I ,\',\!. TI-fE. De fir~ of yoitr dying Bo,;_brought' ,;ze into the Pulpit; and 110w yqur Ladifhip(s 6ommancls, imo the Prefs. I • ,1 could heartily ·wijh, th,at tbe te11der of 1izy Obedie11ce iiz tbi5 A,ddrefs might rzot make 011e among; yota .ioo many facl Rememhrancers, 11orgive JOlt cmtfe tQ\fammli him ds welN11 the Prefs as in the Grave, as here propounded, a Pattem for our Life, as JPell as made by God a11 Example of our Death. But, Madam, whetz you have 1rept over thi.s dear Lofs'inla]Llfie forms fo great a Sorrow as yours could reprefem, th_i.s fma/1 Piece _will, I f ear, prove[Q..wzhappy, as to give .:)'ott, bi.s .Memqry i11 J new /hape, and thereby lay a 11ew fcene for Grief The Nece!Jity and Vfefuhzefs of this Srtbje[f of Mort -:.4iU•. ar~, ) '411/ confidem, fufficiem to recommend it to your accepta111:e ; and if any thing mak._e it rmwelcome, it mujf be that whjclrgl,ilf Jou tWg re(lt a 1\itJe. t&il;. tbe neamefs of the bzjfance: mz Injlm;ce fa11ear, that feems lik_e theJmiting of one half to bidthe other prepare. The Lcfs i.s confeffedly great, vajf as our Hopes, andgeneral as our Sorrows. Indeed to look_ upon moderate Lolfes through Tears, i.s as ill a way to mak.f a rightJudgmem of tbem, as it i.s to tak._e the dimmjiens of Obje[fs through Water, which always rejle[fs them greater or nearerthan-in truth -they are. Biit yorm, Madam, ls fo truly extraordinary, and of Juch publick._ Concenmmu, that it muji needs fall below its jufl Eflimat~, if it be not judged thrortgh more tha1z your own Tears a11d Grief The Churcb and State johz with you, and each of them deplores as a Lo{s at prefent, whatfoever fo great Vertues and Endowmems as his prompted them to expe[f bereafter. Tbe Right Eye of the f(ingdol!t mm dpwn with Tears : H Ail li: