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A PR EA C H'D At Ghrift-Church m '])ublin, Jan; 3 ~~ r669. i: Pet. II. 1 3, t4· .. Submit your felves to everj ordina11ce of man for the io~d's fa~e~ whether it be to the King as Jupreme, or mzto GoiJer1wurs1 as unto them that <Ire (ent by him for the punifbnzent of evil-doers, aild for the J»"aife ofthem that do well. Vv, .. ERE n.otliing elfe requi'red to a. Day of Humiliation, but the Solcm- . nity of publick $orYow .and a fad r~view of fOrmer MifcJrriages; If~ f Fait dtd only b.y aTnb~tte upon our Eyes, and Tear~ were the whole ;:trilercement of our Cnmes; I my felf fhould have Judged the Text now read, much improper to the occafion; and Jhould rather have chofcn fame of thofc p:Iffionatc .Lat'llc)ttations, that mi§ht have opened a Fountain in every Eye toflood th is place, and turn it into a Bochini. But becaufe the bcft Sorrow is Amendment, and Reformation the thteft Repentance,, I ~herefore thought our moft u_nfcign... cd mourning for a jlaughter'd. Monarch, would be to le<i.rn and pratl:ife our duty to the liv~n'klievc there arc. none of l1S here, but do from our very Hearts detcri: ane\ execrate that horrid Villany which we this day bewail; and account thofe Hands accm·fed that were fo impioufiy imbrewed in the Royal :md Sacred Blood of their Sovereign, and G'od's Anointe~. Let us t~erefore teftifie our a_bhorr~nce of that bloe>4y Crime by our prefent fubnnffion: and Dy our chearful Obedience, 1f not expiate the Sin and Guil t, yet ln fame .ni.eafhre redeem , the Dedit and Glory of thcfc Nations. I have therefore pitch'd upon thefe wor4s of the Apoftle, Submit your [elves to every 01dirwrn·e of Man, for the Lorif s fake, &c. And they arc one of thofe many Rules pre- .fcribcd in this la.ttcr.pat"t_of the.Chapter',. for the right ordering of a Chriftian ConvcrfatiOJt, that It nught De blamelefs, and u~offenfive. . . , . For though it wi:::c both the Pri~itive Prillc~J?le and P~Ctice il~ all ltm{uf things, to yield ready Obedtence to the Wtll and Command bf their Maglfl:rates; and in all unlawful, chearfully to devote the~felves to Sufferings: yet (as appears by their Apologies) they were clamo~tred agl.mft by the H.eathcns,, as Heady and Seditious, Authors and Leaders of FaChons, Difturbcrs , of thePubltck Peace, and peftilent Enemies to the State~ This Accufation was altdgether imdefcfvcd, arid indeed in .. congruous ?<>th to their Temper? and the Rules of their Profcffion. 1t was a vCry unlikely thmg, that they fhould atm ~t worldly Greatnefs, whofe fidl:: entrance into Chrifhanity was tl)c renouncing of the Worl~: that they fhould embroil the State in Rebe\\i~:m againO: their Prin~e, who never lift up th~ir Hands, but in Prayers tc) God for h1m; that they fhould mtend to get the Sovereignty and Dominion to them~ M frh·e~:.~ 37