Hopkins - HP BR75 .H65 1710

• To the RE A 0 ER. From fucb his Tranfcribing and Entruil:ing them, as weU as from fame particular Indications, apparent in them, andvery convincing to me (who was well acquainted witb his way of Writing hiS, Sermon-Notes, andefpecially from the addition of divers Marginal Notes,) rilhi(h I am fitre were put there both by bil!l[elf, and after his firft {ra11fcribing pains, I conclud~ (as to t~e latter point of doubt) he had put the lail: Hand he intended to put to the111. . For what fartber Juftice remains to be done to the Work, being ]may feemhitherto to have done ]uftice only to the Author, it confifting in Truth ofSermo.ns (though, as all h~ were, very Elaborate Ones) (uch Truths and Duties are chiefly to be loofa for in it, wbich are of moft general Chrifiian Concernmcnt : Tbat ~. be has [aid here, Not all that might be faid, bad a Critical and juft Conl!llent been dejign'd; but wbat his Auditors (and tbe greatefl part of our People ftiU) had, and have moft need to bear: which I tak_e to be avery confiderable Excellency of the Book ; andwherein be has fbew'd fingular Judgment. I fee nothing farther now needful to add, but to pray, That the Book may be Publick enough; I mean Read by as many as the Copies will fuffice, till tbey are worn out, and Practifed by all who Readit : Then! am Jure both the Author's and Reader's Pains will hf:'very happily placed. Pecklwn·place, '"'J] . l6,9Jo Edw. CorkandRoffe. AN