Hopkins - HP BR75 .H65 1710

T H E VVORKS Of the Right Reverend and Learned Ezekiel Hopkins, Late Lord Bilhop of London-Derry in IRELAND~ Collected into one Vohune: C ONTAININ G: I. T he ,Vanity of the World. II. A P~actical Expofition on the Ten Commandments. Ill An Expofition on the Lord's Prayer; with a Catechifl:i cal f xplication thereof by way of Quefiion and An!wer. lV. Several St rmons and Difcourfes on divers Important Subject s. · W ith an Alphabetical TAB LE to the Whole. 3rbt 3rbitb ~tlttiou. L 0 N D 0 N: Primed for lonathan Robinfon, Awn/han1 and ]olm Churchill, John Taylor, John Wyat and Da11iel Mrdwinter, in Se. Paut's Ci hl rch-Ya rd, and Pater- Nofler-Row. l\l.DCC.X.