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11 A Preface. why it is now refit/7;d. There are Cafes wherein things Loo little for publick Notice, may be iutficient R.eafons to one felf : And fuch felf-fatisfaction is all that can be requifite, in a Matter of no more importance than that Circu-m- fiance only, of the time of fending abroad a .Difourf, of fuch a Nature and Subjea, as that if it can be life- ful at any time, will be fo at all times. The Bufìnefs of the prefent Di eourfe, is RELIGION ; which is not the Concern ofan Age only, or of this or that Time, but of all Times ; and which, in refpeCt of its Grounds and Bats, is Eternal, and can never ceafe, - or vary. But if in its...3fe and Exercif it do at any time more vilibly languifh, by Atternpr Againfi its Foundations,an En- deavour to effablit'h them, if it be not altogether unfit to ferve that Purpofe, will not be liable to be biamed as unfea- fonable. Every One will underfland, that a Deign further to eflabdifh the Grounds cif Religion, can have no other mean- ing, than only to reprefent their Stabi= lty pnfhaken by apy Attempts upon them 7