Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

A Preface. them ; that being all that is either pof- fíble in this Cafe, or needful. Nothing more is pofjible : For if there be not already, in the nature of things, a fufticient Foundation ofReli- gion, it is nom too late ; for their courfe andorder cannot begin again. Nor is any thing, befides filch a Rer prefentation, needful : For have the Ad- ventures of daring Wits (as they are fond of being thought) alter'd the nature of things ? Or hath their nicer Breath thrown the World off from its ancient Bafis, and new-molded the U.. niverfe, fo as to make things be after the way of their own Hearts ? Or have they prevail'd upon themfelves, firmly to believe things are as they would with ? One would be afham'd to be of that fort of Creature, call'd MAN5 and count it an unfufferable Reproach to be long unrefolv'd, Whether there ought to befilch a thing in the World as Reli- gion, Y'ea, or No ? What ever came on't, or whatfoever I did, or did not, betides, I would drive this Bufinefs to an iffue5 I would never endure taike long in fufpence, about fo weiy and important a Quefiion a But if I inclin'd