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Part II. The LivingTemple. 73 We {hall therefore fo far interrupt the Current of this Difcourfe, as to endeavour this, by giving a brie and plain Sumof the more principal thingr that have been faid to this purpofe al- ready. And to prepare for it, muff defire you that have not been, as yet, wont to imployyour Minds this way, to obferve the following DireCti- ons. 'ft. That you would not giveplace to Z ifcouragement, nor thinktoomean- lyof the underflanding, wherebyGod bath diftinguithed you from the inferi- our Creatures. There is that Mind and Spirit in Man, which loth compafs many things of far greater difficulty, than it is here to be employ'd about, (tho' it can be exercis'd about nothing of fa great Cònfequence) That appre- hc: ,ive Power, that can-take in the or- derly frame of fuch Notions, as are re, quifite to the exaf skill of numbering, or ofmeafuring things, of Navigation, of Trade, of managing the common Affairs of Humane Life'; that can. lay down to it felf, fuch prudent max ivies and rules ; whereby the Inconve n envies ray, in great part, be avoid, .0/