Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part IL The Living Temple. 75 of all things ; that they íhould be con- fin'd to this dirty Earth ; or only to things low and mean. idly, Look on things that are rati- onally evident to your underfiandings, as equally certain, with what you fee withyour eyes. Are you not as fure, that two and two, make four ( which Judgment is the aet of your Mind) as that this thing which you look upon is black, or white 5 or of this or that thape or figure ? Do not fo debafe your own 7jnderflandings, as to think nothing certain, that comes under their judgment. 'Tis true, they are apt enough to be deceived in many things, and fo is your f nJè too. But ifyonrfenfe could makeyou certain of nothing, what would become of yu- flice and Government among Men ? Who could take an Oath, before a Magiftrate ? What would become of the common AEtions and Affairs of Life ? How could you Eat or Drink, or Buyor Sell, if you could not cer- tainly diftinguifh one thing, from ano- ther? Some things are fo plain as that you can be in no doubt about them, as that this is Bread, not a Stone. That an