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Alimummilwammanowl 76 The Living Temple. Part II. anHorfe, not a Sheep : Otherwife, all the World mutt fland ttill, and all Commerce, and Action, ceafe. And if.iere were not fome things fore, to %your minds, that you may certainly lay, in fomeplain Cafes at leaft, this is true and thatfafe, this right and that wrong, you wouldbeat asgreat a Lofs. Otherwife, you might beapt to think a part of a thing, greater than the whole ; or that thefame man might be at London, and at Rome, the fame time`; and you might be as ready to kill your own Father, as do him rever- ence. Or commit Robbery upon your rich .Neighborir; as relieve the Poor, and judge the one, as good an Adiou, as the other. 4. As any particular thing is offered to you, for the purpofe we are here aiming at. Confider it well by it felf, before you go further. And think thus, Is this plain, and certain, yea or no 2 If at the firlt fight, you think it notfo obferve'diligently what is brought for the proof of it, and fee whether now it be not tnaniftítly certain, and when you once find it is; fix it in your '.??d as a certainty.- Say, thus far I